Making Video Dance

a step by step guide to creating dance for the screen

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‘Congratulations on making such an important contribution to the field and I look forward to reading the next edition’.

Ellen Bromberg

Associate Professor, Department of Modern Dance Director, The Center Interdisciplinary Arts and Technology, University of Utah, USA

“We love your book here at FSU.  The students find it so easy to read and understand.  I personally love the logical manner in which it was organized. Having it as a required reading in my classes has made the teaching of this content so much more enjoyable and efficient.  It is also wonderful to hear these concepts addressed from someone who speaks a dance language that dance students can understand”

Tim Glenn, Assistant Professor Department of Dance Florida State University

‘... a vital resource for students studying dance on screen.’

Professor Liz Aggiss, choreographer/director UK


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The pages here contain more background information on the work and writing of Katrina McPherson. Here you will find an up to date biography, a full videography, information on past and upcoming screenings and workshop events. Wrtings include some unpublished texts and thoughts on approaches to improvisation and filming based on recent experiences and workshops.


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Making Video Dance is the first workbook to follow the entire process of video dance production: from having an idea, through to choreographing  for the screen, filming and editing, and distribution. In doing so it explores and analyses the creative, practical, technical and aesthetic issues that arise when making video dance.

The book is written by award-winning director Katrina McPherson, whose passion for the genre combines with her wide experience of choreographing directing and teaching video dance.. The book contains: a detailed explanation of the creative process; practical exercises to illuminate important stages of the process; interviews with key practitioners, including Lea Anderson, Elliot Caplan, David Hinton, Liz Aggiss and Billy Cowie. a production diary of the making of The Truth, an introduction by Bob Lockyer, helpful tips and a glossary of terms.

Conceived as an invaluable resource and source of inspiration for those whose imagination is captured by this exciting new art form, Making Video Dance will appeal to anyone who wants to know how to create dance for the screen. The research and writing of ‘Making Video Dance was funded by a Creative Scotland Award of £25,000, awarded by the Scottish Arts Council in 2002.

Title: Making Video Dance- a step-by-step guide to creating dance for the screen

ISBN (SB): 0- 415 – 37950-4   ISBN (HB): 0-415-37942-3

Word count: 80,000 Number of pages: 262

Publisher: Routledge, an imprint of Taylor and Francis Ltd